Removing forward underbody panel

:Nissan Leaf Raise front of car, either by driving onto ramps or by jacking it up. Unbolt seven 10mm bolts at the front and one 10mm bolt at the back.A cordless screwdriver really speeds up this step; you’ll need the appropriate adapter to out a socket on the screwdriver: Remove six plastic anchor plugs: pry […]


Seat Heaters

Parts Needed Tools Needed Installation Process Front Seats Rear Seats Center Console Electrical :Nissan Leaf This upgrade describes how to install seat heaters in your 2011 Nissan Leaf. For background, please see the DIY seat heaters forum thread. The purpose of this page is to collect all of the information needed to install seat heaters, […]

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:Nissan Leaf Horn upgrade Adding heated seats Do I have to worry about the Leaf battery pack catching fire? Not according to this article.


Replacing cabin air filter

By ENIAC, originally posted on posted on mynissanleaf.com. Even though there’s an access panel inside the glove box as well as another access panel underneath, which both pop out without tools, I feel the easiest procedure is to remove the glove box. Here’s why. First the cabin filter cover is very tight and difficult to […]


Steering, Airbags

Steering Airbags How-Tos :Nissan Leaf Steering The LEAF has electrically assisted steering. An electric motor provides assist via a reduction gearNissan LEAF Service Manual, page STC-8.. The motor is located near the top of the the steering column, between the steering wheel and the first universal joint. The Electric Power Steering (EPS) control unit receives […]

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:Nissan Leaf BCM: Battery Capacity Meter BCM: Body Control Module 2011 Nissan LEAF Service Manual, page GI-14 BMS: Battery Management System BRODER CAN: Controller Area Network CC: Climate Control Charger: An electric device which converts alternating current electricity as provided by a power utility to direct current at the voltage needed to charge a battery. […]

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2011 LEAF documents

The following documents are from the 2011 Nissan LEAF documents Web page at nissanusa.com: 2011 Leaf Quick Reference Guide 2011 LEAF Owner’s Manual, revised, June 2012 Nav sys owners manual 2011-Nissan-LEAF-Navi 2011 Nissan Towing Guide 2011 Nissan Leaf Warranty Booklet 2011 leaf service maintenance guide 2011 leaf first responders guide 2011 leaf dismantling guide 2011 […]

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Carwings protocol

Mobile app proxy User Service Vehicle Service :Nissan Leaf Carwings is the telematics system installed in the Leaf. It has four endpoints, apparently: The cellular modem in your car The data center, operated by Airbiquity The web-based Carwings interface An XML-RPC-like proxy used by the iOS and Android applications Mobile app proxy The mobile app […]

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Replacing the stock horn

Information How-To Method 1: From Underneath Method 2: From Above :Nissan Leaf __toc__ Information Replace the stock horn with aftermarket horns for a more… authoritative, horn sound. For example, PIAA 500Hz/600Hz electric horns, Fiamm El Grande Twin Horns, or Stebel Nautilus Compact Motorcycle Air Horn (115 dB on 12V). (The VSP (Vehicles Sound for Pedestrians) […]