BMW x5 eDrive Test Drive Reviews

This dates back a while, but since there isn’t a lot of test drives out there yet, it deserves attention.Back in April, 2014, certain members of the media were invited to BMW North America’s headquarters in Woodfliff Lake, New Jersey. The vehicle driven was a European test vehicle, and not legal for U.S. roads, so the test […]

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BMW x5 eDrive Availability

2015 Since first going on sale in the USA in October 2015, the BMW x5 eDrive has been selling between 100 and 200 units each month – until December! For some reason, 607 X5 plug-in hybrids were sold in the month of December, perhaps mostly as Christmas presents?! I wonder if BMW will be able to […]

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BMW x5 e-Drive Price

June 2015: BMW has announced production of the X5 eDrive will start in August 2015, and the plug-in hybrid SUV will arrive in showrooms in the fall. BMW also announced the X5 eDrive40e will sell for an MSRP of $63,095. Outdated: Production for the x5 eDrive is scheduled to start in April 2015. Since BMW […]