e-nv200 Review

I did a test ride with a E-NV-200 van to find out if that would fit my requirements. We want to be able to take our bikes with us. Both are rather large, with 28″ wheels and rather high. Nevertheless, they fitted easily in the van. I did a test drive with 97% charged (with […]


Nissan e-NV200 Pictures

The e-NV200 has a rear bench with plenty of space for 3 car seats. With space for 5 adults, as well as a bunch of cargo, and long items like skis, the e-NV200 electric minivan is in a class of its own! Even a trials bike fits in the back of an e-NV200. The bike […]

Accessories and Modifications

e-NV200 Soundproofing

Taken from the eNV200 forum (which no longer exists): The cabin is somehow soundproofed but cargo space isn’t. Just ordered some soundproofing mat (STP Black Gold) and I’m going to start with the bulkhead.. Smaller rear door with the card removed. Looks like it could have some soundproofing mat. Sound deadening against tire noise I […]

Specs and Info

Nissan e-NV200 Availability

In a press release on March 7th, 2014, Nissan said that global production of the e-NV200 will start in May 2014. In the Summer of 2014, the e-NV200 became available across most of Europe. As of September 2014, sales have already been registered in Germany, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, France and Belgium. North America Neither the […]

Specs and Info

Nissan e-NV200 Sales History

Europe In June 2019, Nissan Europe celebrated 10,000 orders for the e-NV200 and Combi passenger vans in Europe since the introduction of the 40kWh version of the vans in February 2018. This brings the overall total of electric vans from Nissan up to 20,000 since the e-NV200 was first introduced in 2014. Nissan also said […]