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:Nissan Leaf 2013 LEAF pricing: S, SV, and SL, and options. Wholesale value, and volume, of used LEAFs, from the Manheim Group, the largest of those auction houses buying and selling with dealers. May 23, 2011: A “cold weather package” option is available, with model designations of SV-CW and SL-CW, for SV and SL variants. […]

Specs and Info

Nissan Leaf

Technical stuff (information, how-tos, problems/issues) FAQ Buying Miscellaneous External links Main_Page -> Nissan_Leaf This is a high signal-to-noise repository of useful, accurate, and up-to-date information on the Nissan LEAF all-electric vehicle. Technical stuff (information, how-tos, problems/issues) Air conditioning, heating Body/appearance – exterior Body/appearance – interior Battery, charging system, EVSEs: Battery Battery capacity loss Charging system […]

Wheels, Tires, Brakes

Brakes, ABS

Information Parking/ Emergency Brake Operation How The Parking/ Emergency Brake Works Problems/issues : Nissan Leaf Information The LEAF has conventional hydraulically operated friction brakes. Additionally, the LEAF’s electric motor provides regenerative braking. The hydraulic brakes is electrically assisted. Nissan LEAF Service Manual, BR-10 – BR-13 An internal motor operates a piston in the master cylinder […]


Body Appearance – Exterior

Information Mods “Ground effects” License plate Window tint Pics of LEAFs with tinted windows How-Tos Information An extensive pictorial tour of the LEAF’s underside: belly pans, motor and its mounts, electrical cabling, suspension and brakes, battery, parking brake, etc. Forward underbody panel: Forward underbody panel, removed: Forward underbody panel, fasteners: etc. The LEAF’s doors and […]

Electrical, Audio, Lights


Information CARWINGS 2G to 3G Switch-Over Lighting Audio, iPod, iPhone Miscellaneous How-Tos Lighting How-Tos Other How-Tos Bugs/Issues CARWINGS Navigation system Other systems : Nissan Leaf Information The LEAF’s touch screen system runs Windows Embedded Automotive 7. Windows Embedded Automotive 7 is the successor to Windows CE (A Technical Companion to Windows Embedded Automotive 7, page […]

Battery and Charging System


Information General information How Nissan makes the LEAF’s battery Battery specs Battery Management System (BMS) General specs Battery Temperature Gauge Battery Capacity Loss Li-Ion Technology Cost Range/Power Consumption Real-World Range/Power Consumption Experience Range Power Consumption Battery Capacity Behavior Battery Bugs/Problems Emergencies 12V Battery Medium to Long-Term Storage 12V Battery Storage HV Battery Storage HV Battery […]

Battery and Charging System

Battery Capacity Loss

Symptoms Factors Affecting Battery Capacity Loss Battery Aging Model Real World Battery Capacity Losses Analysis of Reported Cases of Battery Capacity Loss Range Test on Cars with Battery Capacity Loss Nissan’s Responses and Actions Actual Battery Remedial Actions Minimizing Battery Capacity Loss What To Do For Capacity Bar Loss Media Coverage Symptoms When the battery […]