Interior Specs and Info

2nd Generation Nissan Leaf Cargo Capacity

The second generation Nissan Leaf has more interior storage space/cargo capacity than the 1st generation LEAF, and even more than most other EVs. Official cargo capacity is rated at 668 liters, with a maximum capacity of 849 liters. Banana Box Results for other electric vehicles without/with folded seats Nissan e-NV200: 50/50 Model X 5 seater: […]


Replacing cabin air filter

By ENIAC, originally posted on posted on Even though there’s an access panel inside the glove box as well as another access panel underneath, which both pop out without tools, I feel the easiest procedure is to remove the glove box. Here’s why. First the cabin filter cover is very tight and difficult to […]


Seat Heaters

Parts Needed Tools Needed Installation Process Front Seats Rear Seats Center Console Electrical :Nissan Leaf This upgrade describes how to install seat heaters in your 2011 Nissan Leaf. For background, please see the DIY seat heaters forum thread. The purpose of this page is to collect all of the information needed to install seat heaters, […]


Steering, Airbags

Steering Airbags How-Tos :Nissan Leaf Steering The LEAF has electrically assisted steering. An electric motor provides assist via a reduction gearNissan LEAF Service Manual, page STC-8.. The motor is located near the top of the the steering column, between the steering wheel and the first universal joint. The Electric Power Steering (EPS) control unit receives […]


Air conditioning, Heating

Information Heating Cooling Misc How-Tos Problems/Issues :Nissan Leaf __toc__ Information Heating The LEAF’s heating system is similar to that of a vehicle with an internal combustion engine except for the source of the heat. An internal combustion engine generates heat which is extracted by coolant (water and antifreeze). The hot coolant then circulates through a […]


Body/Appearance – Interior

: Nissan Leaf __toc__ Info LEAF seat covers by “Seat Covers Unlimited”. Pics of LEAFs with Wet Okole seat covers: Wet Okole seat covers: gray with red piping, red embroidered “LEAF”. Interwiki: mnl++ Dark gray surrounds with light gray center Interwiki: mnl++ Light gray with white piping Interwiki: mnl++ Light gray seat covers with blue […]