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2nd Generation Nissan Leaf Cargo Capacity

The second generation Nissan Leaf has more interior storage space/cargo capacity than the 1st generation LEAF, and even more than most other EVs. Official cargo capacity is rated at 668 liters, with a maximum capacity of 849 liters. Banana Box Results for other electric vehicles without/with folded seats Nissan e-NV200: 50/50 Model X 5 seater: […]

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2019 Nissan Leaf

March 2019 – Nissan LEAF wins the 2019 Canadian Green Car of the Year Award at the Vancouver International Auto Show. Nissan Canada says the Nissan LEAF Plus will go on sale in Canada in Spring 2019. src The 2nd Generation LEAF was awarded’s award for “Car of the Year Green Innovation”. It’s scheduled […]

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Lists of driver feedback

Collected likes Collected dislikes Collected workarounds and cottage industry innovations Collected suggestions to Nissan Collected improvements that Nissan has made Collected suggestions that Nissan has announced that it has decided not to action Lists of driver feedback on vehicle features and any other aspects of the vehicle ownership and leasing experience Collected likes (asterisk indicates […]

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:Nissan Leaf Horn upgrade Adding heated seats Do I have to worry about the Leaf battery pack catching fire? Not according to this article.

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2011 LEAF documents

The following documents are from the 2011 Nissan LEAF documents Web page at 2011 Leaf Quick Reference Guide 2011 LEAF Owner’s Manual, revised, June 2012 Nav sys owners manual 2011-Nissan-LEAF-Navi 2011 Nissan Towing Guide 2011 Nissan Leaf Warranty Booklet 2011 leaf service maintenance guide 2011 leaf first responders guide 2011 leaf dismantling guide 2011 […]

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New car delivery checklist

Paperwork to bring Things to check for Post-delivery things :Nissan Leaf List of tips on picking up a new LEAF Interwiki: mnl++: some LEAF-specific tips and some non-LEAF-specific tips. Paperwork to bring In the U.S., when going to pick up your new LEAF, bring: Proof of insurance (may vary by locale). Driver’s license Your CARWINGS […]

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:Nissan Leaf BCM: Battery Capacity Meter BCM: Body Control Module 2011 Nissan LEAF Service Manual, page GI-14 BMS: Battery Management System BRODER CAN: Controller Area Network CC: Climate Control Charger: An electric device which converts alternating current electricity as provided by a power utility to direct current at the voltage needed to charge a battery. […]

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Warranties, Recalls, Service Bulletins, Etc.

Warranties Battery Warranty Nissan Technical Service Bulletins Service Recalls, Recalls :Nissan Leaf __TOC__ Warranties Nissan’s Extended Warranty Brochure for the LEAF Pages from the Nissan Security+Plus Vehicle Protection Plan Service Agreement: The Nissan Leaf Security+Plus protection plans coverage varies from other Nissan models. As the Nissan Leaf already comes standard with various factory warranties. The […]

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Nissan LEAF Service Manual

The 2011 Nissan LEAF Service Manual is available on-line for download, for a fee. Sign up for an account at and pay $19.99 for access to the Nissan LEAF Service Manual for one 24-hour period. (Credit card charge will show as from “WEDDLE LITHO COMPANY”.) Each section is in a separate PDF file, named […]