Specs and Info

:Nissan Leaf

  • BCM: Battery Capacity Meter
  • BCM: Body Control Module 2011 Nissan LEAF Service Manual, page GI-14
  • BMS: Battery Management System
  • CAN: Controller Area Network
  • CC: Climate Control
  • Charger: An electric device which converts alternating current electricity as provided by a power utility to direct current at the voltage needed to charge a battery. The LEAF has a built-in charger which is able to accept both 120v and 240v AC.
  • DCQC: (Or sometimes just QC) Direct Current Quick Charge. This is a charger (not an EVSE) that provides electricity directly to the EV battery at a rate of up to 44kW under control of a computer in the car. It uses a special CHAdeMo connector to the car.
  • ECU: Electronic Control Unit
  • EPS: Electric Power Steering (?)
  • EVSE: Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment — a system and cable to connect your household circuit (120V or 240V) to your car’s charger.
  • FFE: Ford Focus Electric
  • GID: Unit of Charge reported by Gary Giddings’ SOC meter. 1 Gid = 80Wh nominally, 100% Charge = 281 Gids on a new battery in a cold climate. “HV Battery Level” in Nissan vernacular. CAN bus message 0x05BC and displayed in Wh.
  • GOM: Guess-O-Meter — the standard mileage range meter displayed on the Leaf’s dashboard. The official name is DTE (Distance To Empty).
  • L1: Level 1 charging, from ordinary 120 volt household electricity. Normally done using the “trickle charge cable” (which really has a built-in EVSE) supplied with the car. Provides electricity to the battery at a rate of up to about 1.1kW via the J1772 charging port. More info.
  • L2: Level 2 charging, using 240 volt electricity. This can be by plugging a portable EVSE into a 240v outlet, but more commonly involves a permanently mounted EVSE. Provides electricity to the ’11 and ’12 LEAF battery at a rate of up to about 3.3kW via the J1772 charging port. The ’13 Leaf can have an 6 kW on-board charger (optional on the S trim, standard on the SV and SL trims.) Some other EVs can accept faster rates. More info.
  • L3: Level 3 charging; usually refers to charging with a high voltage (up to 500V) DC charger. More info.
  • LBC: Lithium Battery Controller
  • LBW: Low Battery Warning
  • SOC: State of Charge
  • TCU: Telematics Communication Unit 2011 Nissan LEAF Service Manual, page EVC-16
  • TMS: Thermal Management System
  • VCM: Vehicle Control Module
  • VDC: Vehicle Dynamic Control
  • VLBW: Very Low Battery Warning
  • VSP: Vehicle Sound for Pedestrians

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