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Tesla Model 3 Winter Tires

Winter Tire Options Range and Performance with Winter Tires Tesla Model 3 with Winter Tires Winter Tire Options For the Tesla Model 3, there are numerous snow tire options. The official Tesla store has a package of wheels and tires that include the Pirelli Winter Sottozero tires. The Tesla Store does have a note saying […]

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How to Reboot Tesla Model 3

Screen Reboot (GPU reboot) Central Processor Reboot (CPU and GPU reboot) Hard Vehicle Reboot Factory Reboot If your Tesla Model 3 is dead, or seems to be having troubles with the screen going out, you might just need to restart it. The Tesla Model 3 has 3 reboot levels Screen Reboot (GPU reboot) If the […]


Tesla Model 3 Paint Issues

‘Thin’ Paint, or Low Quality Paint, visible Primer Easily damaged paint causing pre-mature rust Misaligned Front Left Fender Rubbing on Body Tesla updates owners manual for Rust Prevention Technique Groups working together to get a response from Tesla ‘Thin’ Paint, or Low Quality Paint, visible Primer Some Tesla 3 Owners think the pain is too […]


Tesla Model 3 Colors

Here is a collection of different paint schemes and vinyl wrap colors on the Tesla Model 3 Tesla Model 3 pearl white with custom rims, vinyl wrap in ‘Satin Canyon Copper’ color, and window tint. Cost was around $4000 cdn. src and pics: Tesla Model 3 with satin black wrap and chrome delete Tesla Model […]


Tesla Model 3 Trunk/Frunk Mat Options

Tesla’s $130 Trunk Mat ToughPro’s $80 Trunk Mat Ebay Option Motor Trend universal fit floor mats – trim to fit Budget Frunk Mat Option Tesla’s $130 Trunk Mat Both the Tesla mat and the ToughPro mat are great, but the Tesla one comes up on the side for more coverage and protection. -davidalai src ToughPro’s […]


Installing Tesla Model 3 Roof Rack

Tesla Model 3 Roof Rack Install Step-by-step Another Model 3 roof rail install, this time in Video format: Another Tesla Model 3 Roof Rack Install Tesla Model 3 Roof Rack Install Step-by-step The box arrived with this installation manual in it, and all of the parts were well labelled. https://www.tesla.com/sites/default/files/downloads/model-3-roof-rack-owners-manual-en-us.pdf Installation steps: 1. Unboxing – […]