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:Nissan Leaf BCM: Battery Capacity Meter BCM: Body Control Module 2011 Nissan LEAF Service Manual, page GI-14 BMS: Battery Management System BRODER CAN: Controller Area Network CC: Climate Control Charger: An electric device which converts alternating current electricity as provided by a power utility to direct current at the voltage needed to charge a battery. […]

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2011 LEAF documents

The following documents are from the 2011 Nissan LEAF documents Web page at nissanusa.com: 2011 Leaf Quick Reference Guide 2011 LEAF Owner’s Manual, revised, June 2012 Nav sys owners manual 2011-Nissan-LEAF-Navi 2011 Nissan Towing Guide 2011 Nissan Leaf Warranty Booklet 2011 leaf service maintenance guide 2011 leaf first responders guide 2011 leaf dismantling guide 2011 […]

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Carwings protocol

Mobile app proxy User Service Vehicle Service :Nissan Leaf Carwings is the telematics system installed in the Leaf. It has four endpoints, apparently: The cellular modem in your car The data center, operated by Airbiquity The web-based Carwings interface An XML-RPC-like proxy used by the iOS and Android applications Mobile app proxy The mobile app […]

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Nissan LEAF Service Manual

The 2011 Nissan LEAF Service Manual is available on-line for download, for a fee. Sign up for an account at http://www.nissan-techinfo.com/ and pay $19.99 for access to the Nissan LEAF Service Manual for one 24-hour period. (Credit card charge will show as from “WEDDLE LITHO COMPANY”.) Each section is in a separate PDF file, named […]

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Warranties, Recalls, Service Bulletins, Etc.

Warranties Battery Warranty Nissan Technical Service Bulletins Service Recalls, Recalls :Nissan Leaf __TOC__ Warranties Nissan’s Extended Warranty Brochure for the LEAF Pages from the Nissan Security+Plus Vehicle Protection Plan Service Agreement: The Nissan Leaf Security+Plus protection plans coverage varies from other Nissan models. As the Nissan Leaf already comes standard with various factory warranties. The […]

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Jacking up a LEAF

Jacking up Jacking car up to support on jack stands Jacking block designs :Nissan Leaf Jacking up Safety first! Always chock, then jack, then block. Chock the wheels to prevent LEAF from rolling. The LEAF has four reinforced locations under the door sill at which you can jack the car up:The locations are marked by […]

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Information Suspension information Alignment Aftermarket Suspension Tein Street Basis Information, specs Pics of LEAFs with TEIN coilovers Installation : Nissan Leaf __TOC__ Information Suspension information Suspension part numbers at courtesyparts.com: Front Rear Spring 54010M-ZE0001 55020M-ZE0001 Damper (“strut”)54302K-ZE0001 (R)54303K-ZE0001 (L) (“shock”) 56210K-ZE0001 LEAF’s front suspension: MacPherson strut (concentric spring and damper), lower ‘A’ control arm: Underneath, […]

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Timing of order-related events

:Nissan Leaf Apr 20, 2011: Nissan announces that it will reopen reservations, first “in the launch states of Arizona, California, Hawaii, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas and Washington”. Individuals who already have registered on the Nissan LEAF website “340,000 potential owners” will be placed first in line to purchase a Nissan LEAF. The sequence of events in […]


Air conditioning, Heating

Information Heating Cooling Misc How-Tos Problems/Issues :Nissan Leaf __toc__ Information Heating The LEAF’s heating system is similar to that of a vehicle with an internal combustion engine except for the source of the heat. An internal combustion engine generates heat which is extracted by coolant (water and antifreeze). The hot coolant then circulates through a […]

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Tax Incentives, Rebates

:Nissan Leaf Federal Income Tax Credit Information, References : Base incentive amount: $2500. Plus: $417, plus “$417 for each kilowatt hour of capacity in excess of 5 kilowatt hours, … not to exceed $5000“: $5000.(The Nissan Leaf’s battery has a capacity of 24 kwH.) Total: $7500. “Energy Incentives for Individuals in the American Recovery and […]