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Specs and Info

:Nissan Leaf

  • List of tips on picking up a new LEAF Interwiki: mnl++: some LEAF-specific tips and some non-LEAF-specific tips.
  • Paperwork to bring

    In the U.S., when going to pick up your new LEAF, bring:

    • Proof of insurance (may vary by locale).
    • Driver’s license
    • Your CARWINGS information: PIN/ID and password. (You don’t need your CARWINGS nickname.)

    Things to check for

    When picking up your LEAF, check for:

    • External damages; internal damages.
    • Any optional accessories ordered: floor mats, hatch cargo cover, etc.
    • Standard accessories:
    • Nissan OEM EVSE: it should be in a black zippered bag in the hatch.
    • Emergency tire repair kit: 12V tire pump; bottle of sealant.
    • Bring a tire pressure gauge and check tires’ air pressure; they should be 36 psi all around.

    Your LEAF should be fully charged.

    Post-delivery things

    After taking delivery, you may also want to consider calling Sirius XM and ask them to “create an account with your radio ID and create a 6 month trial for you from that point forward”. This is because your 6-month free trial of Sirius XM may reate an account with your radio ID and create a 6 month trial for you from that point forward have started some time before your delivery date and thus will expire before six month has passed since your delivery date.
    If you bought an orphan Leaf, you will need to arrange your own charger purchase. For the Nissan charger, call AeroVironment (+1 (888) 833-2148). You will need to provide them with your VIN number.

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