Porsche Cayenne S e-hybrid

The Porsche Cayenne S E-Hybrid is the third plugin vehicle from Porsche, following the 918 Spyder and the Panamera S E-Hybrid.
The plug-in hybrid Cayenne is powered by a 70 kW electric motor in the front, and a 3.0l V6 supercharged gasoline engine.
Total system output power is 416 hp, and 0-60 mph time is 5.4 seconds.

  • Top Speed is 151 mph, electric speed is 78 mph
  • 333 hp V6 3.0l supercharged engine
  • 95 horsepower electric motor
  • combined power output of 416 total horsepower and 435 lb-ft total torque
  • 0-60mph time is 5.4 seconds
  • 10.8 kWh lithium ion battery pack
  • all-electric range between 11 and 22 miles based on driving style and topography

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Updated on October 12, 2018

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