How to Reboot Tesla Model 3

If your Tesla Model 3 is dead, or seems to be having troubles with the screen going out, you might just need to restart it.

The Tesla Model 3 has 3 reboot levels

Screen Reboot (GPU reboot)

If the screen is freezing, or if you are having other troubles with your Model 3, start with this reboot.

  1. Put the Tesla Model 3 in park
  2. Hold in both steering-wheel scroll buttons for a few seconds, and the screen will turn off
  3. Wait until the Tesla emblem shows on the screen

This procedure has helped some owners who had their Model 3 long-range RWD screen freeze

Here is a video of the screen reboot in the Model S, and the process is the same for the Model 3

Central Processor Reboot (CPU and GPU reboot)

  1. Put the Tesla Model 3 in park
  2. Push on the brake pedal and hold in both steering wheel scroll buttons until the screen turns off (takes a few seconds)
  3. After a while, the screen will show the Tesla emblem followed by a refreshed GPU and CPU

If you are having troubles with pairing your phone, turn if off, perform the reboot, and turn your smartphone back on while the CPU/GPU reboot is happening.

Here is a video of the Tesla Model 3 CPU reboot process

Hard Vehicle Reboot

First try the GPU, and then the CPU/GPU reboot above. If neither of those fixes your Tesla Model 3 problem, then try the hard reboot.

  1. Put the Tesla Model 3 in park
  2. Open the front hood and take the cover off of the 12-volt battery (located in front of the windshield)
  3. Use a 10mm wrench and unhook the cable from the visible terminal of the battery
  4. After a few seconds, reattach the 12-volt battery cable

The Tesla Model 3 hard reboot has fixed problems like not being able to recharge after connecting to a defective charging station.

Factory Reboot

[needed – is this the same as the hard vehicle reboot?]

Tesla’s store unencrypted data on the car computer including video, phone books, calendar items and other data. In order to delete this data before selling your Tesla Model 3, perform a factory reboot. src

Updated on November 6, 2019

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