Carwings protocol

:Nissan Leaf
Carwings is the telematics system installed in the Leaf. It has four endpoints, apparently:

  1. The cellular modem in your car
  2. The data center, operated by Airbiquity
  3. The web-based Carwings interface
  4. An XML-RPC-like proxy used by the iOS and Android applications

Mobile app proxy

The mobile app proxy is located at and allows iOS and Android apps to interact with your car’s telematics.
There are at least two endpoints

User Service

Located at
This is used during initial sign-in, as well as later to retrieve vehicle status. When logging in, the application POSTs the following:


If the user is authenticated, the system will return two cookies (a JSESSIONID, and a BIGipServernissan-na-smartphone-biz-POOL). These cookies are submitted for each subsequent request to the server.


Some notes on the above:

  • BatteryStatus
  • BatteryChargingStatus is showing a car plugged into a trickle charger
  • BatteryRemainingAmount is the number of SOC bars
  • CruisingRangeAcOn and ..AcOff
  • This value is in meters
  • All times are in UTC

Vehicle Service

Located at

Updated on October 12, 2018

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