Volt Backup Camera for 2011 and 2012 OEM Radio

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If you have a MyLink radio, go here
If you would like to do it yourself you will need the following:

Step 1:
Install the rearview camera system and run the Video RCA cable to the front of the car, specifically behind the radio. You can wire the camera’s power wire to the reverse light, that would be the easiest way, and that way it will automatically turn on when you are in reverse only. Please note that the only cable that you need to run to the front is the video RCA cable I am sorry I don’t have pictures of this as I have done this a while ago however there is nothing special on this step, just regular wiring.
Step 2:
You will need to remove the radio to get to the Connector on the back of the radio, please refer to this radio replacement thread How-To-Add-A-Factory-Navigation-System-W-Pictures
Step 3:
Connect the female RCA Cable to the radio’s 20 pin harness “ the harness that connects to the plug circled in red below “, the easiest way to do this would be to get quick taps to connect the 2 wires to the radio’s harness. You will have to connect the RCA cables ends to pins number 5 & 15 on the harness.

Step 4:
Connect the Video RCA camera’s cable to Video RCA input cable that you hooked up from the earlier step
This is simply all the wiring that you have to do on the radio’s side, by using quick taps you can remove them when you like with no issues. I put electric tape on the wire loom when I was done.
Step 5:
Reinstall the radio following the reverse order of removal
Step 6:
This is very important, the camera will not work unless you reprogram the radio, this has to be done at the dealer, you have to tell them to reprogram the radio to enable the rearview camera function. They usually charge an hour labor for this
To reprogram the radio for the camera the dealer has to follow these steps:

  • Access TIS2WEB
  • Open SPS Programming
  • Choose the MDI Tool & Replace and Program ECU
  • Select the car type then connect the tool to the car
  • Choose Radio – Programming from the list “Normal Option” Then select the appropriate radio option weather it is a nav or non nav unit “ UFV or UFU etc.. “
  • Select the appropriate calibrations including the rear view camera from the menu “green check mark appears to the selected ones”
  • Hit next and you will get a page that will tell what exactly will be programmed then hit yes
  • This will conclude the reprogramming process

Please note if you have the camera hooked up properly, you will see video but if you went for the reprogramming before you install the camera you will see a black screen when in reverse.
Also if you have a 2011/2012 and bought a camera with gridlines built in, you will see double lines, but you can disable the built in ones from the radio configuration menu by yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of camera should I get?
You can virtually buy any camera that you want, make sure you buy a mirror image camera so it will display properly. If you have a 2011 or a 2012 Volt you don’t need to buy a camera with reverse lines built in, but if you do, it is not a problem as you can disable the radio’s built in reverse lines. If you have a 2013 get one with the lines built in as I don’t believe that option is built in to the oem radio’s program.
Can I wire the camera to a different power source?
Absolutely, however be sure to connect it to switched power source that turns off when the vehicle is off so it doesn’t consume power while the vehicle is off
The connector on the back of my radio is beige/grey and not black what should I do?
The color might differ between the Navigation and Non-Navigation radio, on the Nav Radio the plug goes to the beige/grey plug on the radio, so it is not an issue, just be sure to use the 20 pin harness.
Taken from this thread http://gm-volt.com/forum/showthread.php?81874-How-To-Add-A-Backup-Camera-To-Your-OEM-Radio-W-Pictures

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