Volkswagen Golf GTE Price

Specs and Info

Golf GTE Pricing in Germany

When the Golf GTE launches in Germany later this year, pricing will start at 36,900 Euros ($48,390 USD). That puts the price of the Golf GTE at 2,000 Euros higher than the e-Golf.

UK Pricing for the Golf Plug-in Hybrid GTE

The plug-in hybrid vehicle starts at £33,035, and is eligible for a £5,000 Government plug-in vehicle grant.

Golf GTE Price in Italy

Volkswagen is targeting a price of 37,000 euros in Italy.

North America Pricing

Volkswagen has not provided pricing yet for the Golf GTE, but as a member of the GTI line it’s safe to assume the GTE will come in at or above a fully loaded GTI model. In the US, that means around $35,000. That would place it above the Nissan Leaf, but below the BMW i3 in the electric vehicle lineup.

There is, of course, some speculation about whether or not the Golf GTE will arrive in North America at all. The team at InsideEVs “still firmly believe(s) that VW will bring the Golf GTE to the U.S.” although perhaps just in station wagon form.

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