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Wheels make a difference in the efficiency of the Model Y. The 21″ wheel package is less efficient because the wheels aren’t as aerodynamic, they weigh more, they are wider causing more wind resistance, and the tires are performance tires so they don’t roll as easily.

Many Tesla Model Y owners are also looking for aero wheel sets from the Model 3 to use as winter wheels as 18″ winter tires and wheels can be much cheaper.

Weight Capacity

Here is a screenshot from the Tesla Model Y owner’s manual from model year 2020. It lists the dimensions and weight capacity and axle ratings based on the different wheel sizes.

Model Y Performance Wheels

The stock Model Y performance comes with 21 inch wheels that are staggered – meaning the rear of the car has wider wheels than the front for increased traction during acceleration.

Will Model 3 Aero Wheels fit on a Model Y?

A Model Y Performance brake rotor has a raised lip in the middle of the hub/brake rotor which prevents the Aero wheels from being installed.

Image taken from this YouTube video from i1Tesla

And yet, this picture of the inside of a Model 3 aero wheel shows a relief which should allow it to fit?

The Model Y has front rotors than the Model 3, but even still, the Model 3 aero wheels do clear the front Model Y brake calipers.

For reference this is 20″ M3 Sportwheels with 255 Michelin Pilot Sport A/S Plus on a MY Src

What about wheel TPMS systems when switching wheels?

The Model Y uses a new Bluetooth (BLE) 2.4 GHz TPMS Sensors.

The traditional 433 MHz TPMS Sensors OE or Aftermarket used on Tesla Models S3X will NOT work as of the current iteration of any Model Y.

Do Model 3 wheels have the load handling ability required for the Model Y to use them?

Prior to 2021, the Model 3 aero wheels had a load limit that wasn’t large enough to handle the Model Y. The newer flatter aero capped Model 3 wheels that came out in early 2021 had an increase load rating of 750kg.

Tire Options for Aero Wheels

235/55R18 104V XL Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season II

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