Tesla Model 3 Trunk/Frunk Mat Options


Tesla’s $130 Trunk Mat

Both the Tesla mat and the ToughPro mat are great, but the Tesla one comes up on the side for more coverage and protection. -davidalai src

ToughPro’s $80 Trunk Mat

The ToughPro cargo trunk mat is “Good option for the main deck of the trunk”, while these ToughPro mats are for the front frunk as well as the lower storage portion of the trunk -abasile src

Ebay Option

This frunk mat is available from Ebay, and they appear to be a sewn material as a padded protective pad vs a molded rubber mat. “From China, Order to delivery took 6 days” – laudbrian src

Motor Trend universal fit floor mats – trim to fit

You can trim each piece to get a perfect fitting, however I just put them and they fit perfectly without a real need to cut them.
I might let them stay for a while to take the shape of the car and then adjust but I am not sure this will be necessary. source

  • In fact I like that the cargo overlap on the side to protect the trunk walls.
  • For the driver side, the left dead pedal area is slightly covered, but I don’t think that I will need to make a cut.
  • For the rear, currently the mats are covering part of the front seats rails. I will see with usage, but unless I need to move back
    all the way the front seats, in my current situation the front seats doesn’t touch the rear mat.
    I like the fact that the rear mat is a single piece, and the side cover also the bottom of the rear door wall.

Available from Amazon

Budget Frunk Mat Option

Tesla owner bluhorshue ended up buying a rubber doormat, and cutting it to fit. For only $10, it doesn’t have a raised rim, but because of the cost savings, and the infrequent use of the frunk, he’s ok with it

I just bought a Weathertech generic trunk mat for $10 at Costco today. The rubber material seems high quality, yet was easy to cut to shape. I think it turned out great.


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