Tesla Model 3 Roof Rack impact on EV range


Trying to figure out the best roof rack for the Tesla Model 3? Take a look at the effect on range of the options below, and then view our full comparison of different Model 3 roof racks

Roof Rack Efficiency Test

Test Procedure

  1. Get on the highway going 70mph with autopilot engaged and reset the trip meter.
  2. Drive 6.5 miles south, gaining about 130 feet in elevation.
  3. Log the Wh/Mi, disable autopilot, and get off the highway
  4. Get back on the highway going north and do the same thing again. This time losing about 130 feet in elevation.
  5. Average the north and south results together.

Controlled Variables

  • 55-60°F outside temperature
  • Dry highway road, minimal wind
  • 70mph on autopilot
  • HVAC off
  • Radio @ 25% volume
  • Tires @ 42 psi cold

Configurations Tested

Source: TeslaMotorsClub thread on Roof Rack efficiency comparison

Another Roof Rack Efficiency Test

This test comes from Kootenay EV Family

The test was performed in 3 different configurations – first Test #1 with a Tesla Roof Rack and a Yakima Ski Box (similar to Rocketbox 11), Test #2 with just the Tesla Roof Rack, and then Test #3 with the stock Model 3 roof (nothing attached, no roof rack).

Overall, the consumption for Test #1 was 207 Wh/km, with just the roof rack coming in at 188 Wh/km, and no roof rack coming in at 185 Wh/km.

The test was performed on a rear wheel drive long range Tesla model 3 with nearly new Nokian Hakkapeliita 9 studded tires.

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