Tesla Model 3 Production

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Model 3 Production Video

Released by Tesla in December 2018, shows a fast-forward version of production of a Tesla Model 3 from start to finish along the Fremont, California production line


Tesla Model 3 Production and Sales Estimates

Since Tesla doesn’t publicly release sales or production numbers monthly like other automakers do, it’s quite a science to determine how many vehicles are actually being produced by Tesla. CEO Elon Musk explained why back in 2014.

Part of the reason why we don’t release the monthly deliveries number is just because it varies quite a lot by region and the media tends to read all sorts of nonsense into the deliveries. So, we’ll have 1,000 cars reach a country one month and none the next month or 100 the next month trickle in because those are the numbers that were registered one month versus the next. People will say, ‘oh, wow, Tesla sales drop by a factor of 10. Well, no, the boat arrived in January and not all the cars got registered in January and some got registered in February and in March it’s back up again.

People assume deliveries are a proxy for demand, and that’s not the case. It is the case for other car companies but in our case, it really needs to be parsed into orders and deliveries. And bear in mind, there are a lot of things we could do to amplify orders. Orders is not a true measure of demand, it’s just a measure of what we need to do to meet our production and deliver number.

Tesla CEO (at the time) Elon Musk

Sales Number Sources: InsideEVs Plug-in Sales Scorecard, and Bloomberg’s Tesla Model 3 Tracker

Sales Numbers

Sales and deliveries mean the same thing – a car only counts as sold after it has been paid for and delivered to the customer.

  • 2017’Q3 – 260 produced, and 222 delivered
  • 2017’Q4 – 2,425 produced and 1,542 delivered
  • 2018’Q1 – 9,766 produced and 8,182 delivered
  • 2018’Q2 – 28,578 produced and 18,449 delivered
  • 2018’Q3 – 53,239 produced and 56,065 delivered
  • 2018’Q4 – already 60,523 produced (estimated)
Bloomberg's estimated Tesla Model 3 Production numbers

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