Tesla Model 3 Aftermarket Wheels

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The Tesla Model 3 wheel bolt pattern (also called a lug pattern) is 5×114.3 mm.

Some aftermarket wheel center bore size is not the correct 64.1 mm, so they will need additional hub-centric rings. Some Tesla Model 3 owners have reported:

  • VMR wheels will custom cut the actual center bore to the required 64.1 mm src
  • TSW will require the hub-centric rings
  • Vossen will include hub rings to adapt from the 72.56 to the required 64.1 mm src

Another consideration is that the Tesla Model 3 has a retainer bolt on the brake disc to keep it flush with the hub while the wheel is taken off. Most modern automobiles either don’t have this bolt, or use a countersunk/flush head torx bolt.

In order to accommodate this bolt on the Model 3, aftermarket wheels need to have a recessed area on the back of the wheel’s mounting surface (marked with green paint). Some Model 3 owners have simply removed the bolt src as the brake disc is held in place when the wheel is installed and the 5 lug nuts are torqued.

Adv.1 Wheels

These wheels are slightly bigger than the standard Model 3 wheels, with dimensions of 20×9 chosen for the front and rear wheels. Wheels feature a Matte Bronze Finish with 50/50 exposed titanium hardware.

Avanti Wheels

20×9 Avanti wheels weighing only 23 lbs each. Tires are the stock Michelin 4S that came on my P3DM with 20 inch performance upgrade. src

They can be mounted despite that rotor hat lip, if you trim just ~2mm off the depth of the hubcentric rings. They then are still very snug on the hub, but the rings (if properly shaved) don’t obstruct a flush mount on the rotor hat surface. They are also a half inch wider than stock.

Avant Garde Wheels

2018 Model 3 with 19″ Avant Garde M580 Satin Silver wheels. Fronts are 19×8.5 +35mm offset and rears are 19×9.5+40mm offset. Tires are Michelin Pilot Sport Allseasons 245/40/19 and 275/35/19

Avant Garde M590 wheels in brushed matte antique bronze, size 20×8.5+35 in the front, and 20×10+40 in the rear with no spacers. This Model 3 is also lowered with TSportline 1″ lowering springs

2018 Model 3 with 20″ Avant Garde M610 wheels size 20×9 inches. Each wheel weighs 24 lbs. Tires are Continental DWS06 255/35/20

Avant Garde M652 19inch wheels with 275 tires in the rear and 245 tires in the front. Gloss black color with brushed antique copper surfaces

Ambit Tesla M3 Wheels

Ambit FF3 18 inch wheels size 18×9.5 fit up front. Tire is 265/40/18 src

Enkei Wheels on Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 with Enkei Raijin 19 x 8.5 inch wheels with +35mm offset. Needed hubcentric 64.1 to 72.6mm aluminum rings. Tires are Continental Extreme Contact Sport 235/40-19 available at TireRack

Grip is so much better than the OEM 18″ Primacy MXM4, especially initial turn in response. I was surprised to find out that they were even quieter than the OEMs too

Drivesolo, TeslaMotorsClub

This Tesla Model 3 has wide aspect ratio tires on all 4 corners with no rubbing. 265/50/R19 tires are mounted on Enkei RPF1 18×9.5 wheels src [correction needed: 19 inch wheel and 18 inch tire – likely typo and wheel is 18 inch also]

EV Wheels Direct

EV Wheels direct 19″ Metallic Grey Turbine wheels on a white Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 with 20in EVT Turbine wheels

Forgestar Wheels on Tesla Model 3

Forgestar F14 wheels in Kingsport gray. Rear is 20 x 10.5 +43 (deep concave) and the front is 20×9 +32 (semi-concave). Tires are Michelin Pilot Sport 4S 285/30 rear and 245/30 front src

2018 Model 3 with Forgestar 20″ CF10 wheels. Front wheels are 20×9 and rear is 20×10.5. Tires are Michelin Pilot Super Sport 245/35/20 and 285/30/20

Giovanni Wheels

Black Tesla Model 3 with Giovanni Kilis wheels. 20×8.5 in the front with 245/35R20 tires. 20×10 in the rear with 285/30/R20 tires. (some lowering also photoshopped in which is why the shadow under the car is a little strange) src

Klassen ID Wheels

This Tesla Model 3 has aftermarket wheels from Klassen ID version MS03 wheels in gloss black color. Front is 20×8.5 and weighs 21 lbs, and the rear is 20×10 and weighs 22 lbs. Tires are 235/35/20 and 275/30/20.

SSR Wheels on Tesla Model 3

SSR 3 piece forged MS1 wheels on Model 3. 20×9 with 245/35 tires in the front, and 20×10.5 with 285/30 tires in the rear. Tires are Michelin Pilot Sport 4S

Tesla Store/Official Tesla Sport Wheels

Tesla 20″ Sport wheels can only be bought online from the Tesla store, and they don’t come in a staggered wheel setup (wider in the rear than in the front). In addition, the set has to be delivered and installed at a service center including 2 new upper arm links for the rear suspension. Installation cost at the service center is not included in the price.

If you purchase the Tesla Model 3 Performance model and select the 20″ wheel option, then the arms will come installed from the factory src

Titan 7

19″ T-S5 Forged, split 5-spoke wheels on a blue Tesla Model 3 src

T Sportline

T Sportline’s TST wheels for the Model 3 come in 18″, 19″ and 20″.

Deep Blue Metallic Tesla Model 3 with brilliant silver 18×8.5 +35mm TST turbine wheels wrapped in factory Michelin MXM4 tires, using factory lug nuts, and factory chrome lug nut covers from a Model S and factory Tesla center caps

This satin black Tesla Model 3 has gloss black 19″ TST aftermarket wheels:

19×8.5″ TST Gloss black wheels with Pirelli P Zero Nero GT 235/40-19 96Y XL wheels. Calipers are painted gold

Silver Tesla Model 3 with Brilliant Silver 19″ TST Wheels

Tesla Model 3 with Matte Silver Metallic wrap, red painted calipers, 19″ TST gloss black wheels with factory Continental ProContactRX 235/40-19 tires available from TireRack

Tesla Model 3 with 20 inch TSportline TSS Flow forged wheels

Performance Tesla Model 3 with matte black 20″ M3115 Forged Wheels with Pirelli PZero tires – 235/30-20 in the front, and 275/30-20 in the rear src

TSW Wheels

TSW Bathurst 19×9 wheels with +30mm offset on blue Tesla Model 3 src

This Telsa Model 3 has TSW wheels – 20×8.5 with 40 offset on the front, and 20×10 with 40 offset in the rear. 245/35/20 front and 275/30/20 rear Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires

Unplugged Performance

Lightweight forged wheels by Unplugged Performance on this Tesla Model 3

The 20″ UP-03 wheels from Unplugged performance only wiegh 19.6 lbs each. This Tesla Model 3 also has lowering springs and a carbon ceramic big break kit:

VMR Wheels on Tesla Model 3

Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires size 235/40/19 on Tesla Model 3 with 19×8.5 +35mm offset VMR 710FF wheels, weighing 22.6 lbs each

VMR V801 19×8.5 wheels in titanium black shadow tint.

Volk Racing

Volk Racing 20×8.5 inch wheels model TE37 with 36mm inset src

Vorsteiner Wheels on Model 3

Size: 20×9 in front, and 20×10.5 in the rear
Finish: Zara Gray

Tesla Model 3 with Vorsteiner VFF-103 wheels in 19×95 in the rear and 19×8.5 up front. Tires are 275/35 and 245/40. Saves about 3-5 pounds per corner even with 40mm wider tires in the rear.

Vossen Wheels

Vossen Wheels is getting to be well-known for their affordability and quality. Their customer support is also highly regarded.

This Tesla Model 3 has 20×9.5 inch wheels in the front and the rear in a Silver Metallic Finish. The paint color is Deep Blue Metallic. The car also appears to be lowered.

Vossen VFS2 custom made in gloss black.

Vossen 20 inch VFS6 wheels with Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires. The Model 3 was lowered with the ‘moderate’ UP lowering springs.

Tesla Model 3 with Vossen HF-2 wheels in tinted matte gunmetal

VS Forged

Custom fabricated VS10 forged wheels to fit with the P+ hubs so no spacers or rings were needed on this Model 3.
Front is 20×9.0 with +32 offset, on 245/35 Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires, wheel and tire weigh 47 lbs.
Rear wheels are 20×10.5 +45 offset, with 285/30 Michelin Pilot Sport 4s tires – wheel and tire weigh 51 lbs. src

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