Smart Electric Drive Availability and Release Markets

Specs and Info

Smart started production of the ForTwo Electric Drive on June 12,2012 at the Hamback, Germany plant.

Smart has been fairly quiet about when the Smart Electric Drive will be available in different markets, but here is what we know:

  • The Smart Electric Drive is currently available in Germany, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Italy and Portugal
  • US launch planned for Spring 2013, with some news sources saying the Smart ED is coming in late March / early April
  • Following that, Smart will launch the EV in 30 other markets

Smart ForTwo Electric Drive in Europe

In 2016, the new generation Smart ForTwo electric will roll out with LG Chem batteries, with North America and the rest of the world waiting until 2017 to get the updated version of the EV.

Smart Electric Drive US Availability

In August 2015, Smart introduced the new generation of its flagship model the Smart ForTwo. However, only the diesel powered version will be getting updated in November 2015. The Smart ForTwo Electric Drive will live on in its current generation until 2017.

In February 2014, Smart announced the 2014 ForTwo Electric Drive model year will be available nationwide, not just in the CARB states as it was with the 2013 model year. Smart also lowered the lease price from $199 per month, to $99 per month (both have an additional $80 per month battery rental cost).

Smart USA has announced the first Smart Electric Drives will be released on May 15th. Availability will be limited to CA, CT, ME, MA, MD,NJ,NY,OR,RI, and VT until a national roll-out begins September 1st.

Set to launch in later March or early April in the USA. Some confusion was caused by EV sales reports showing 2 were sold in January – those have been confirmed to be second generation sales, not the new and improved 3rd generation Smart electric vehicle.

Smart Electric Drive Canada Availability

The Smart ForTwo Electric Drive will be arriving in Canada in March 2012. Rated at 68 miles of range, it might not seem like enough range. However, expect the range to be much greater in the city since the Electric Drive is a giant square so wind resistance at highway speeds really affects the range ratings.

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