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:Nissan Leaf

  • 2013 LEAF pricing: S, SV, and SL, and options.
  • Wholesale value, and volume, of used LEAFs, from the Manheim Group, the largest of those auction houses buying and selling with dealers.
  • May 23, 2011: A “cold weather package” option is available, with model designations of SV-CW and SL-CW, for SV and SL variants. The “cold weather” option has an MSRP of $930.
  • Nissan Leaf invoice prices for SV, SL, SL-e and options Interwiki: mnl++
    Also saved here:
  • “Post Your Order Details Here” Interwiki: mnl++: has a link to a Google spreadsheet where Leaf buyers/owners record information about their Leaf reservation/order/delivery.
    You can go here to add/update your Leaf reservation/order info in that spreadsheet.
  • Somewhat-interesting Web page showing (projected?) Nissan Leaf order pipeline: you can get an idea of your approximate delivery date.
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