Nissan e-NV200 Pictures


The e-NV200 has a rear bench with plenty of space for 3 car seats.

With space for 5 adults, as well as a bunch of cargo, and long items like skis, the e-NV200 electric minivan is in a class of its own!

Even a trials bike fits in the back of an e-NV200. The bike is a 2023 Gas Gas TXT Raga 280 cc two-stroke.

It’s a great car and I have had it for a month now. It performs well, although range could be better in low temperatures. The most annoying thing is Carwings, I have to use the climate control timer if I want to have the cabin pre-heated. Using carwings to start heating is really hit or miss, sometimes it might work but usually it just says that something went wrong with connection.

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