Mission E – the Porsche Taycan Concept Car

Specs and Info

In 2015, at the Frankfurt International Auto Show, Porsche unveiled the Mission E concept car. Fast forward to 2019, and Porsche unveils the Taycan – the production bound EV based off of the Mission E concept.

Officially announced on June 9, 2018, Porsche said the first fully electric sports car will be named Taycan src

When Porsche announced the name of their new EV would be Taycan, they released this infographic that describes some specifications, as well as the history of the name, and the investments Porsche has made into their electric vehicle development

Here is an archive of videos from the Mission E unveiling.

Design overview of the Mission E – the Porsche Taycan concept car
Video outlining the performance aspects of the Mission E concept electric vehicle
Overview of the Porsche EV Interface design

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