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:Nissan Leaf


Pics of tinted LEAFs

  • Pics of LEAFs with tinted windows.
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    Miscellaneous Miscellaneous

    Boot Ware (NK1):064
    Application (NK2):064
    Audio Unit Software:067
    CAN uCOM Software:018
    Front Display Software:018
    BOLERO Software:00.05
    Bluetooth Firmware:C230
    Voice Recognition Engine:925-123-000
    Voice Synthesis Engine:
    Voice Recognition Grammar Version:00001080
    Voice Synthesis Data Version:00003000
    Record Data Version:00001026
    Part Number:3NA0A
    XM Satellite Radio Software:012
    Switch Software:030000
    TCU Software:3NA0000622
    Map Version:10/08/12/01

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