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Mini Cooper SE Price & Specifications

The BMW owned company Mini has unveiled the Cooper SE 2020, its first series-produced electric car that is another proof of their commitment to zero-emission policy and a blend of electric vehicle and driving craze.

 Keeping an eye on the economical approach of Mini Cooper, it is quite phenomenal. In the United Kingdom, it varies around the price range of £24,400, whereas in European countries, it is around €34,900. But talking about the USA, Mini Cooper SE is available with different specifications and models, starting at $21,900 with hardtop 2-door option available in 3 adjustable driving modes. Another fiesta is starting at $22,900 with hardtop 4-door option available with more elbow room and cargo room. Another available variation is Mini Cooper Countryman, starting at $26,900 with generous space for cargo and passengers. This comes with the availability of All-Wheel drive option. More generously, Mini Cooper Clubman available at $24,900 with elegant interiors, and an all-wheel-drive option. Another option available is Mini Cooper Convertible available at $26,900.

Mini Cooper SE has an estimated range of 146 to 168 miles in Europe, But for the USA, it is not extracted out yet. This range with the real estimation of the company’s figures is 180 km in downtown during cold weather situations like -10 degree centigrade and use of heating, 130 km on highway and 155 km for combined scenarios of highway and downtown. This range is quite different in mild weather conditions of 23-degree centigrade temperature with zero use of AC, lies on 280 km during downtown drive, 170 km for highway drive and 215 km for combined situations of highway and downtown.

Moving ahead with the performance of this little bombshell, it is simply amazing with regards to its deliverance. Accelerating from 0-100 km in just 7.3 seconds, with a top-notch speed of 150 km/h and total power of 135 KW, producing a torque of 270 Nm. Elaborating the battery capacities of the Mini Cooper SE, it lies at about 32.6 kWh, with a useable capacity of 28.9 kWh, and an estimated charge time of around 3h15min. It is purely elegant when talked about interiors and fantastic with its use of technology, upgraded and overhauled continuously over the past.

List of Various Sizes available and their prices.

  • Hardtop 2-door option available at $21,900
  • Hardtop 4-door option available at $22,900
  • Mini Cooper Countryman, starting at $26,900
  • Mini Cooper Clubman available at $24,900
  • Mini Cooper Convertible available at $26,900

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