Kona Electric Canada Reservations Letter from Hyundai

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After reserving the KONA EV online in Canada, Hyundai sends this confirmation email (this letter received Sept 12, 2018)

We would like to thank you for your pre-order of the 2019 KONA electric. We are very excited to be bringing the first electric subcompact SUV to Canada, and you will be among the very first to own this impressive vehicle.​
As the global demand for the KONA electric has been unprecedented, your deposit has helped us secure your vehicle.
We are happy to confirm that Canadian-market pre-order vehicles are scheduled to be produced in the months of October, November and December of 2018. Vehicle delivery will be allocated based on your pre-order date and will take place before March 2019.​
As we receive more information specific to the unique VIN that will be assigned to you, we will pass it along immediately.​
We will also provide you with monthly updates on production, pricing as well as your delivery date.​
Thank you,​
Hyundai Auto Canada​

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