Hyundai IONIQ Electric Efficiency Comparison Test

Specs and Info

This table is a comparison of the test performed in the 2017 Hyundai IONIQ Electric vehicle. The tests are from all over the world, and do not necessarily indicate a range that is achievable by you, in your driving conditions.
However, as a group, these range results and efficiency readings seem to indicate the the IONIQ EV has a very efficient drivetrain and it’s likely the official range ratings will be easily achieved in real world driving.

Range achieved Efficiency/Energy Usage Outside Weather Climate Control settings Speed/Road conditions Etc.
351.1km Avg of 50km/h, city driving Hyundai’s official test
155 km 18kWh/100kms 3º C set to 22º C Practically flat road, constant speed of 120 km/h In same test, 2014 Nissan Leaf achieved 20.4 kWh/200 km and 2015 Tesla Model S achieved 21.5 kWh/100 kms
165 km 17 kWh/100 kms 5-6º C heating on wet roads, average speed of 78 km/h test done in mid-November near Prague
179 km 6.4 km/kWh 4 C heater set to 19 C maximum speed 110 km/h, average 86 km/h
221 km 7.9 km/kWh 4 C heater set to 21 C maximum 85 km/h, average 80 km/h
207 km 7.4 km/kWh 9 C heater set to 19 C maximum 110 km/h, average 80 km/h
235 km estimated 8.5 km/kWh 3 C set to 19 C 85 km/h steady 15m behind truck, trip only 37 kms total

Source: Hyundai IONIQ EV Forum

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