Hyundai IONIQ Cargo Mat and Cargo Tray Options


Since the IONIQ comes in 3 different flavors (hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and EV), and some of them use the trunk space in different ways, the cargo area is different shapes.

Also, an optional subwoofer further complicates things by using up space in one rear wheel well area in the trunk.

See Hyundai IONIQ cargo space for details

Hyundai sells a reversible cargo tray – one side is carpeted, and the other is Thermoplastic molded rubber with a lip to catch spills etc. However, in order to be reversible and not interfere with the 12V battery on the right, or the optional subwoofer on the left, it doesn’t have coverage in either of the ‘wing’ areas.

IONIQ Electric model

WeatherTech makes an all weather IONIQ cargo liner that is straight on the left and right side, with no ‘bump outs’ for the rear wheel well areas because these are both used up on the IONIQ EV.

Cargo Tray by WeatherTech, part number #401000 for the IONIQ Electric is available on Amazon

IONIQ Plug-in Hybrid Model, and Hybrid Model (although confusing differences)

The IONIQ PHEV has cargo space in the trunk behind the rear wheels so the EV cargo mat doesn’t fully cover the cargo area.

WeatherTech does carry a model for the PHEV version (part # 401076), but it has 2 wings – you’ll notice in the picture above the right side doesn’t need a wing because this particular PHEV came with the optional subwoofer that fills that space.

There does seem to be some confusion, however, as the WeatherTech website shows the optional subwoofer being on the left side of the cargo space.

The floormat image provided for the IONIQ Hybrid rear cargo mat appears to have a wing on the right, and not on the left.

On Ebay there is a ‘fully tailored rubber cargo mat boot liner for the Hyundai IONIQ Hybrid’ that has a wing on the left and not on the right, which would seem to fit what was needed above.

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