How to add a Sub-woofer and an Amplifier

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This page will allow you to add a sub-woofer and amplifier to boost the bass. To add a sub-woofer and amplifier to the Tesla Model S it would take around 10 hours to complete if instructions are followed. Be advised to read through all directions before getting started to note which options work best for the car and personal preferences.


There are different options provided based on how much money is willing to be spent. When following along with the installation guide, option “A” was chosen.

Primary Parts

: a. Fosgate R2S 10″ Sub with loaded enclosure, 2 ohms, 200 W RMS
: b. BE-TSLAS-VCW104 10″ Sub with loaded enclosure designed for Model S, 2 ohm (mono), 600 W RMS
Mono Amplifier
: a. NVX MVPA1 Micro-V Series Monoblock Class D Amp, 300W RMS @ 2 ohms
: b. JAD 1200.1 Monoblock Class D Amp, 1200W RMS @ 1 ohms
Installation Kit
: a. NVX XAPK8 Copper 8 Gauge Car Amp Wire Kit with Speaker Cable
: b. XAPK4 Copper 4 Gauge Car Amp Wire Kit with Speaker Cable
5′ of 18-20 gauge insulated copper solid wire (x2)
Nylon Tie Wraps
5 Strips of felt 1.5″ wide by 4″ long

Optional Parts

JL Audio CL-RLC Balanced to Unbalanced line converter and level control (when using line-level inputs)
RCA stereo interconnect 1 to 3 ft, with short male connectors (when using a line converter)
TE 1534046-1 32-pin connector (optional, from Arrow, only for older cars without Ultra high fidelity)
Firestone 18×8.50-8 /18×9.50-8 Inner Tube
Add-a-fuse For small amp power
Mini blade fuse assortment Only need one 30 amp mini fuse for small amp power
Metal Brackets Dependent on amp and where it is installed
Loctite Threadlocker Blue 242
1 metric bolt: M6-1.0 x 10mm For ground connection
3 metric bolts: M6-1.0 x 6mm 10 mm with additional washers, for alternate mounting

Suggested Tools

Soldering Gun
Electrician’s Fish Tape
Trim tool removal set


Part One

Installing the Sub-woofer and Wiring

Part Two

Running wires through the firewall

Part Three

Amplifier Installation

Part Four

Testing and Adjustments

Part Five

Results and Conclusions


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