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Initial reviews of the Honda Fit EV are very promising. Some lucky journalists were able to test drive the Honda Fit EV in Japan earlier this year. Although the test drives were short, they said the Honda Fit EV drove better than they expected, accelerated great, turned and stopped well, and was just a lot of fun to drive.

While the specs that Honda has released are quite limited, the Honda Fit EV is shaping up to be a well rounded electric vehicle.

Honda Fit EV Range

Primary estimates by Honda pegged the Honda Fit EV at 123 MPG in the city, and 76 MPG on the highway (unadjusted). 76 combined MPG range adjusted.

The official EPA ratings are 118MPGe (which beats out the Mitsubishi i at 112 MPGe) with a range of 82 miles.

Honda Fit EV Battery

The battery pack on the Honda Fit EV is a 20kWh lithium-ion battery.

Honda Fit EV Charging Times

Charging the Honda Fit EV battery can take as little as 3 hours using a 240-volt circuit. Charging can take up to 12 hours using a standard 120 volt household plug.

Honda Fit Ev Availability

Honda is not new to the electric vehicle market – it produced a limited run of the Honda EV Plus in the late 90’s and currently has the FCX Clarity (which is a fuel cell electric vehicle). Initial reviews and test drives of the Honda Fit EV says it is the electric vehicle that tuners and sport enthusiasts have been waiting for!

There is much confusion about when the Honda Fit EV will actually be available to purchase and drive. Initially, Honda said the Honda Fit EV would be produced in a limited run and would be for lease only. Newest reports say that Honda will first lease around 1100 of the Honda Fit EV and then it will be available for purchase after that.

The Honda Website, as of January 2012, says the Honda Fit EV will be available for lease in select California and Oregon markets next summer. Honda is also planning to expand the Honda Fit EV availability to six East Coast markets in early 2013.

Honda delivered the first 2013 Fit EV to a couple on July 22. There was no mention of further deliveries in the Honda press release.

The Honda Fit Ev suggested retail price is $36,525. Monthly lease for the Honda Fit EV is estimated around $399.

How can I disable that “The phone has been connected” msg?

I got all excited because the bluetooth will automatically pickup Pandora from my phone. So now, everytime I get in the car, Pandora starts playing automatically. Great. As long as I don’t touch anything, all is well. But as soon as I press the Audio button so it will give me the info on what is playing, I have to agree to the Confirmation message and then the audio goes out so a super annoying voice can come on and say each and every time “The phone has been connected”.

Apart from the fact that I obviously know it has been connected since it has been playing music ever since I got in the car, this gets really irritating in a hurry.

And for that matter, this confirmation message… I know it’s lawyers trying to justify their outrageous paychecks but once I have agreed to this once, is there a way to disable that &^%$# thing? If anything it is distracting to have to look at the screen while driving to hit that OK button.

Thank you.

I found a way around this ANNOYING message!!!! All you have to do is press the Audio button repeatedly right after you press the OK disclaimer. You’ll heard a quick double-beep tone and that’s it!

Very good, BoostLE.

In the meantime, I also found a way to shut her off.

The other day, i decided to use the nav system to guide me to an address. Very quickly, the voice directions became super annoying. So I had my daughter look into the Maps settings options on how to turn that off. She eventually found it and ever since, whenever the car detects my phone via bluetooth, all I get is a silent message on the screen that says “Your phone has been connected” but no more voice interruption! Yesssss!

I’ll have to dig in and find the exact steps once my wife lets me use the car again…

That works great Bmachine! It’s the Voice Guidance volume > Off and she goes away. I used the Nav and missed a turn without the voice prompts so I might turn it back on now.

Very happy to be able to help. And thank you to BoostLE for the ” Voice Guidance volume > Off ” clarification.

Jeez that thing was annoying!

Is there anyone out there with a FIT EV that has access to the HondaLink site that would share in the process of getting their PIN #? Was it something done online during the sale?

I have my VIN, and will be taking delivery later today, so it will probably be answered in due time, but…..

They give it to you when you set up the telematics. In my case, I called the Telematics people while the dealer was doing something or other … and they gave me the PIN there (it also happened to be the last 4 digits of my phone number).

Some dealerships are setting up the account while you are there, others are not. I was in a rush, so mine did not. They told me to call 877-418-7487 to set it up. If you have your car, call this number (you need your VIN). If you don’t have it yet, you will have to wait.

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