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The 2018 Honda Clarity Plug-in Hybrid is one of three models in the Honda Clarity family – alongside an electric, and a hydrogen fuel cell version.
Using a 1.5 liter atkinson cycle 4 cylinder engine, combined with a 181 horsepower electric motor, the Clarity plug-in hybrid operates as a range-extended electric vehicle. The gasoline engine rarely kicks in, until the batter pack is nearing depletion – or in some cases of extreme acceleration such as passing someone on the highway. Other than that, the electric engine is strong enough to propel the car along on it’s own – which is different than many other plug-in hybrid vehicles that have a small electric motor that doesn’t have enough power to drive the vehicle without help from the gasoline engine.
The Clarity PHEV uses a 17 kWh lithium ion battery pack – just large enough to get the largest US Federal tax credit. It manages to propel the PHEV for up to 47 miles. Total range with the batter pack and gas tank full is 340 miles.


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