Golf GTE “lower batter charge” limit

Battery and Charging System

From the Golf GTE forum:

“Can anybody tell me what this is?
Default setting is at 30%
What benefit would there be for lowering to say 20%?”

“When you have selected to charge at night when the price is low then when you plug your gte for charge then it will be charged to the lower battery charge, then wait and charge the rest at night.
This will ensure that you have power if you will use the car eg. in the evening.”

“Hi I think you will find that I have answered this issue in another technical discussion regarding charging while driving.
There are 2 different min charge settings one is on the App or Customer Portal and relates to the min charge level when charging the car via a cable.
The other is found in the car in the setup menu as you have described. This relates to the minimum amount of charge that you wish to retain in Hybrid/ GTE Modes. So if it is set to 30% the the petrol engine will try and charge the hi voltage battery to always have roughly 10 miles if you decrease that to say 10% then all that would happen would be when you have the petrol engine running then it will try to recharge to 3 Miles roughly.

Hope this helps”

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