Geely Geometry A Electric Sedan

Specs and Info

April 2019 – On April 11, Geely New Energy launched the Geometry A sedan. Pre-subsidy pricing will be from RMB150,000 to RMB190,000. The EV’s coefficient of draw is 0.2375Cd. It comes with 2 charging ports – one at the rear left, and another at the front right of the vehicle.

March 2019 – Geely’s first electric vehicle set for global availability is the Jihe A sedan.

The sedan EV is set to go on presale on March 20 in Singapore, other markets to follow.

The Jihe A sedan specifications are top speed of 150km/h, powered by a 177 hp electric motor with either a 51.9kWh battery pack good for 410 km, or a 61.9 kWh battery pack good for 500 kms.

Jihe means geometry in Chinese.

March 8, 2019 – Geely announces the production name of the compact electric vehicle code-named GE11 will be a Chinese name “Jihe A” that translates to Geometry A. It is set to go on sale April 11 in Singapore with other markets to follow. Pricing will be between RMB150,000 and RMB170,000

February 2019 – Geely announces a battery electric compact sedan will be available globally later in the year. Codename is GE11

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