Ford Mach E Electric SUV History

Specs and Info

First mentioned by Ford at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2017, the automaker announced plans “to launch a fully electric SUV with an estimated range of at least 300 miles” src

In May of 2017, Ford executives hinted that they had a “technology path” to get more than 300 miles range in an affordable crossover utility vehicle, and not require the buyer to make any tradeoffs in features and performance.

Our plan is for it to be an affordable vehicle, a mainstream model

Raj Nair, Ford’s CTO – May 2017 src

January 2018, Ford Motor Company tweeted the all-electric performance SUV was coming in 2020, with a video that hinted it may be called the Mach 1

In a post on Medium on Sept 5, 2018, Ford’s Team Edison global product development director, Darren Palmer, teased an image of the “Mustang-inspired fully-electric performance utility that arrives in 2020 with a targeted range of 300 miles” src

Teaser image of fully electric performance utility from Ford set for 2020 launch

March 2019 – Ford tweeted “Hold your horses” just minutes after Tesla’s scheduled unveiling of the Model Y SUV.

April 2019 – Trademark applications were filed for the rights to “Mustang Mach-E” which could mean the new mustang inspired electric SUV might be named this.

August 2019 – Ford’s global product development director for battery electric vehicles, Darren Palmer, said the SUV will be called the Mach E

September 2019 – A Ford mule vehicle is spotted in Dearborn, Michigan. Without obvious tailpipes, and a crossover stance, this could be the first look at the Mustang-inspired Electric SUV

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