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Using part of Ford’s ‘One Ford’ strategy, the Ford Fusion Energi is now using the same chassis and design worldwide. Last year, the 2012 Fusion looked different in North America and Europe. The new 2013 Fusion Energi and Fusion Hybrid now look the same everywhere, and we like the Euro-styling that Ford has brought to us in North America.

Ford’s new Fusion and Fusion Hybrid vehicles managed to both receive the highest highest five-star overall safety rating from the National Highway Safety Administration. The last generation of the Ford Fusion only received 3 stars in the frontal crash and 4 stars in the side crash, and now with the newly redesigned 2013 Fusion, both of those tests were 5 stars.

Most of the improvements in safety can be attributed to Ford’s Personal Safety System that uses smart sensors to collect crash data and tailor the car’s restraint systems for the occupants based on the type and severity of the crash. The seatbelt usage and seat position are all taken into account to make sure the airbags deploy with less pressure for small drivers, more pressure for large drivers, and in the correct location depending on where the person is sitting.

The 2013 Ford Fusion also received the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s top safety pick designation. I think it’s safe to assume the Fusion Energi will also receive those ratings… the only real difference being a larger battery pack.

The redesigned 2013 Fusion Energi also comes with other technologies that Ford is calling driver assist technologies. These features include lane keeping assist, adaptive cruise control, rearview camera, hill start assist and electronic parking brake. Active Park Assist makes parallel parking virtually stress-free. With the press of a button, the system detects an available parallel parking space and automatically steers the vehicle into the space. Drivers control only the gas and brake pedals and transmission gear position.

Ford Fusion Energi Price

Although Ford has yet to release the Fusion Energi pricing, Car and Driver is reporting some prices.

Ford Fusion Energi SE model will start at $39,495.

Ford Fusion Titanium is priced at $40,995

Both prices exclude the $4000 federal tax credit that the Fusion Energi is eligible for. Some states, like California, also offer tax credits over and above the federal credit.

Since the aren’t official prices from Ford, and Car and Driver makes no mention of where it gets these prices from, it’s assumed there will also be a destination charge.

Fusion Energi Specs

The Ford Fusion Energi has been designed from the very start to be efficient. The 2013 Ford Fusion is a complete redesign of the previous Fusion model.

The Fusion Energi combines a high voltage battery with an electric motor and a gasoline engine. The lithium-ion battery pack provides enough power to operate in pure electric mode for short commutes, and thanks to the plug-in capability of the Fusion Energi, you can plug-in the vehicle to a standard 120 volt outlet to recharge the battery pack overnight. Or, with a 240-volt upgraded electric vehicle supply equipment charger, you can charge the battery in just a few hours.

The  Fusion Energi uses regenerative brakes while slowing the vehicle down to help capture kinetic energy and store it in the battery pack for later use.

The new 2013 Fusion Energi has a body that is 10% stronger than the last Fusion thanks to high strength steels.

Fusion Energi Features

  • both front seats have knee airbags
  • adaptive front airbags vent and tether to conform to a specific occupant’s size, position, and seat belt usage
  • active noise control uses the audio system to cancel out road noise
  • with the MyFord mobile app, drivers can use their smartphone to
    – monitor battery state of charge and current range
    – preheat or precool the Fusion Energi
    – plan start-and-stop routes and locate charging stations with MapQuest
    – easily schedule off-peak charging hours
  • AdvanceTrac electronic stability control
  • tire pressure monitoring system

Fusion Energi Specs

  • 2.0 liter Atkinson cycle 4 cylinder gasoline engine rated at 141hp
  • AC synchronous permanent magnet electric motor
  • lithium-ion high voltage battery pack
  • 5 passenger seating capacity
  • electric power steering
  • four wheel disc brakes
  • curb weight: 3,913 lbs
  • anticipated to deliver over 100MPGe

The Fusion Energi will be manufactured in Chihuahua, Mexico, and assembled in Hermosillo, Mexico.

Ford Fusion Energi Driver Assisting Technology

The all-new Ford Fusion and Fusion Energi is packed full of top-of-the-line technology. Recently highlighted at CES 2013 in Las Vegas, the Fusion Energi won the connected car of the year award because of all of it’s driver assisting features. Although some are skeptical of allowing computers to control so much of a vehicles movement, there can be many safety advantages to it especially when a driver becomes tired or distracted.

Here is a brief explanation of the technology:

SYNC with MyFord Touch

MyFord Touch provides an easy to use interface that allows access to your vehicle’s systems while your hands stay on the wheel and your eyes stay on the road. Access your music, your phone contact, adjust the temperature, get directions and more. There are 2 configurable screens in the instrument panel and an 8 inch LCD touch screen in the center stack.

SmartGauge with EcoGuide Cluster helping maximize the Fusion Energi’s efficiency

The Fusion Energi’s instrument cluster has 2 liquid crystal digital screens that display an innovative EcoGuide gauge cluster. The EcoGuide system provides real time information on the efficiency of the Fusion Energi by growing leaves and as you become more efficient, vines and more leaves are displayed. With a built in tutorial, the screens can display the level of information you want – Inform, Enlighten, Engage, or Empower. The steering wheel mounted controls allow you to make changes without taking your hands off the wheel.

BLIS with Cross-Traffic Alert

The Blind Spot Information System is an option that uses radar in the rear quarter panels to tell if there is a vehicle in your blind spot. If there is, an indicator light on the appropriate sideview mirror is displayed.

The Cross-traffic alert uses the same radar to sense traffic behind you when you back out of a parking spot. If the sensors detect a vehicle approaching, an audible warning and visual warning on the mirrors and a signal on the message center are displayed.

Fusion Energi Rear View Camera

When the gear selector is in reverse, the rear view camera will turn on and display an image of what is behind you on the 8 inch screen in the center stack.

Lane Keeping System

A camera mounted behind the windshield watches the road and keeps track of lane markings to determine if the Fusion Energi is leaving a lane. If it is, the lane keeping alert warns you by vibrating the steering wheel to mimic a rumble strip. The Lane-keeping aid actually applies steering torque which alerts you to direct your vehicle back into the lane. This feature apparently only activates if the Fusion Energi detects an unintentional lane change – how it knows the lane change is unintentional is not known.

Forward Collision Warning and Adaptive Cruise Control

Adaptive cruise control functions just like normal cruise control – until traffic in front of you slows. Then the adaptive cruise control slows your vehicle down based on your preset distance. When the sensors detect traffic has cleared, the Fusion Energi resumes the set speed.

Forward Collision Warning system alerts you if it senses a potential collision with the car in front of you. Through a heads up display that simulates brake lights, flashes on the windshield in front of you. And if you don’t react in time, the Fusion Energi will pre-charge the brakes and increase brake-assist sensitivity to provide full responsiveness when you do brake.

Active Park Assist

If you drive slowly near parking spots, activate the park assist and the system will look for an available parking spot. Using ultrasonic sensors, the Fusion Energi measures the distance to the curb and the distance between parked cars. When a post large enough is found, the system signals you to stop to accept the assistance in parking. When parking, all you do is control the shifting, accelerating and braking. The Fusion Energi automatically steers the vehicle into the spot inbetween cars.

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