e-nv200 Review


I did a test ride with a E-NV-200 van to find out if that would fit my requirements.

We want to be able to take our bikes with us. Both are rather large, with 28″ wheels and rather high.

Nevertheless, they fitted easily in the van.

I did a test drive with 97% charged (with a fast charger plugged in a second time) and got 140km range without the airco on indicated on the battery meter at the dashboard.

After some time driving, I had 27km range left and a warning pointed out that the reserve was reached. at 5% the indicator did not show the range but just “–” in the range display.

After a few more km with 123 km total driven on this charge, the van still was driving fine, but the indicator showed just a few % left.

I was disappointed by the smaller range than I had hoped for, driving 84km/hr on average and only one time I tested accelerating from 40 to 82km/hr which is really impressing fast.

I used the Airco for about 15 minutes, to bring the temperature in the car down.
After that I decided it was better to switch it of and to open the windows slightly to avoid to high temperature at the modest speed I drove the car.

We are still thinking about if would want to buy this E-NV 200 or wait for a version with more range.

Forum user RienM, June 2016

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