:Nissan Leaf


  • See “Specs” for engine specifications.
  • Transmission Nissan LEAF Service Manual, page TM-21:
  • Reduction gear model: RE1F61A
  • Overall gear ratio: 7.937
  • Number of teeth:
  • Input gear: 17
  • Main gear (in/out): 31/17
  • Final gear: 74
  • To put the transmission into neutral, push mouse shifter to the left and hold for a second or two.
  • The LEAF has a cooling system. Its coolant capacity is 7 quarts , page 9-2.

    The following components are liquid cooled: on-board charger, DC-DC converter, motor’s inverter, and motor. Cooling flows through those components, in that order, before arriving back at the radiator. Two electric pumps in series pump coolant from the radiator past the coolant reservoir, into the pumps, then back out to the on-board charger. Nissan LEAF Service Manual, page HCO-5 and HCO-6

  • The LEAF has a parking mechanism which engages when one pushes the ‘P’ button on the “shift lever”. A pawl engages a toothed gear in the reduction gearbox and prevent the transmission from turning:

Power Train Efficiency


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