Disabling the engine sound emulation


When driving in electric only mode in the Cayenne (and Panamera) S e-Hybrid, the vehicle emits a noise to warn pedestrians an electric vehicle is approaching. This is to be compliant with regulations like this USA Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards; Minimum Sound Requirements for Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

How to disable the sound

Disabling the sound may break one or more of your local motor vehicle regulations, so do so at your own risk.
Underneath some of the plastic engine covers, on the driver’s side of the engine bay, is a small black box that contains the speaker/sound generator.

  1. The easiest way to disable the sound-generator is to use the PIWIS diagnostic tool that Porsche dealers have and turn it off in the computer settings.
  2. The do-it-yourself method
    1. Go under the hood and unplug the speaker. This will cause the ‘E-Sound’ speaker malfunction error to show up on the dash.
    2. To remove the error code, put a 10ohm 20 watt resistor in place of the speaker.

This is the resistor from Amazon

Thanks to forum user Robotpedlr for posting details on this at the Porsche Plugin Forum

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