Chevy Volt Air Filter


The first gen Chevrolet Volt doesn’t come with a cabin air filter, but there is a slot for it hidden behind the glove box. Install only takes a few minutes.

Photos credit of user JamesMcQuaid

Get an air filter

First you need to get a filter

  • TYC 10-11 Buick LaCrosse Cabin Air Filter. They can be ordered from Amazon or Ebay
  • Some Volt owners have also used the ACDelco filter with charcoal activated layer ACDelco CF176 Professional Cabin Air Filter
  • One owner purchased a 3m Filtrete Elite Alelrgen Reduction Filter, cut it into quarters (making 4 filters) with tin snips, and put duct tape on the cut edges.
  • Another used the Potauto 1021C with activated charcoal from Amazon
  • GM Part numbers for the standard filter is #13271190 and for carbon/particulate version is #13271191

Install Cabin Air Filter in a GM Volt

1. Remove the rubber glove box liner

2. Unlatch the glove box’s air filter cover

3. You will see the cabin air filter slot cover

4. Unlatch the cabin air filter slot cover (at the top and sides)

5. Insert the air filter with the air flow direction arrow pointing downward (per manufacturers instructions). It is a tight fit; when you slide it in, push upward such that the top of the cabin air filter is flush with the inside top of the cabin air filter slot.

6. Relatch the cabin air filter slot cover, relatch the glove box’s air filter cover, and reinsert the rubber glove box liner. Done!


Here’s a video of the Chevrolet Bolt cabin air filter installation

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