Chevy Bolt Spare Tire Options

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The 2017 Bolt EV comes with OEM tires that contain a self-sealing putty like compound on the inside of the tire. This putty seals any small punctures that the tire receives and prevents and air from escaping the tire. In reality, you could drive over some nails and not ever know it.
In this test video, they drill holes in the tire, drive over multiple nails, and the tire doesn’t lose any pressure.

One weakness is that the self-healing tires don’t have any protection on the sidewall. In the rare case of a sidewall issue, it could be convenient to carry

  1. Can of tire goo. Most sidewall damage is a tear, versus a puncture wound, so in those cases tire goo may not help.
  2. A spare tire and wheel assembly that can be put on in place of the damaged tire

The Chevy Bolt EV’s rear cargo management system (underneath the trunk liner) has 2 empty compartments that are pictured in page 295 of the owners manual as being for ‘Tire Sealant’ and a ‘Compressor Kit’. A Chevy dealer rep said the Bolt doesn’t come with the sealant and compressor kit, but it can be purchased from GM. 2017 Chevrolet Bolt Tire and Sealant Kit Part number is 84237904 and costs $95 Chevy Bolt Tire Sealant and Compressor Kit

Chevy Bolt Spare Tire

The OEM tires are the same size as the tires on the 2nd generation Chevrolet Volt Chevy Bolt Forum – Spare Tire Options, so there is a good chance that the same Chevy Cruze spare tire will fit.
See this page for instructions on assembling a spare tire kit for a Chevy Volt

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  1. I have the 2017 Chevy Bolt Premier with Bose Premium Sound option. Just FYI that Chevy puts the subwoofer and amplifier in the spare tire wheel well so no room for even a compact spare if the car has the premium sound option.

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