Chevy Bolt Floor Mats


The 2017 Chevrolet Bolt comes stock with carpet floor mats, and many people prefer to have rubber all-weather style floormats, especially in the wetter and colder areas of the world.

Genuine Chevrolet Option

In January 2017, there is a rubber floor mat option on Chevrolet’s “build and price” website, but if buying or leasing the car through a dealership that doesn’t work. There also isn’t a way to purchase the rubber floor mats through the parts department. Source: All-weather rubberized floor mats

Later on, perhaps in February 2017, the floor mats are now listed on the GM accessories website. Part number is 42333257 and list price is $130 USD. However, they don’t extend up underneath the pedals or onto the foot rest for the driver’s left foot. Chevrolet OEM Rubber Floor Mats also on Amazon

Full batch of images with the floormats installed is available here:
Lloyd Mats has an option available for the Chevy Bolt but it appears to be the same shape / coverage as the Chevrolet option.

Trim generic rubber all-weather mats

One forum member purchased generic WeatherTech floormats for around $50, and trimmed them to fit. He was able to slit and cut the driver’s side mat to come up onto the left foot rest. They are slightly narrower than the OEM carpet mats, so he simply put them on top.
Pictures are of these mats (trimmed to fit) Generic Cut-to-fit WeatherTech Floor Mats

WeatherTech Laser Measured All Weather Floor Mats

As of February 2017, a WeatherTech sales rep said that Bolt specific all weather floor mats “should” be available in 3-5 months.

Later in 2017, they released the Chevy Bolt Floor Mats in 3 options – front mats only, rear mats only, or all 4 floor mats. Available on Amazon

Weathertech also produces an all weather cargo liner trunk mat for the Chevy Bolt available here

Send your car in as a template

Steve at VoltShelf needs a Bolt EV to use as a template so he can produce a BoltMat (like he did for the Volt). His post asking for a car is here
His site is–boltshelf-boltscreen-boltphone-and-boltmat.html

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