Chevy Bolt Car Cover

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A car cover can be used to protect the Chevrolet Bolt from dust, and if used outdoors, possibly protect it against the elements.

There are car covers that are also built to reflect light and heat, which may be beneficial in keeping the Bolt EV’s battery pack cooler when parked in direct sunlight.

Chevrolet Bolt OEM Car Cover

Page 258 of the Owner’s Manual states “A vehicle cover, which can reduce sun loading on the vehicle and improve high voltage battery life, is available from your dealer.” However, the official Chevrolet Accessories website doesn’t list any car covers.


Covercraft provides custom fit car covers, with 3 layers of non-woven fabrics that feature microscopic pores that keeps out dirt and most water while remaining fully breathable. Also works great for protecting from acid rain, UV rays, tree sap, bird droppings etc.

One Bolt owner commented “The custom cover (Covercraft® C18246TT – Block-It™ 380 Custom Taupe Car Cover) arrived today, and it fits perfectly. It has a Velcro flap on the driver side for the charging door and cable. Oddly, there’s another Velcro flap on the passenger side, too. The extrusions for the mirrors and roof antenna are good fits. “

Available from CarID

Another option from CoverCraft is the Evolution Gray Custom Car Cover available here. It fits the LT/ Premier models and comes with a charging port flap


WeatherTech has some Sunbrella covers great for full-sun applications.

Universal Fit

If you are wanting to protect from radiant heat to keep the battery temperature to a minimum, you may want a reflective car cover.

“I picked up a cover with an aluminized/reflective outer layer, I had to make a bit of a guess as to size and fit and think I did pretty well.”

Since this is a universal fit, there is no charge port door.

This Bolt EV owner purchased the universal car cover from Amazon for around $50 link

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