Polestar 2 Interior Pictures

Slate Weave Tech with Black Ash deco Charcoal Weave with Black Ash Deco Ventilated Nappa leather Barley with reconstructed wood deco Polestar 2 Interior Reviews Below is a compilation of all of the Polestar 2 interior photos available from the automaker’s configuration website. There are 3 interior color schemes available. The ventilated Nappa leather will […]


Nissan e-NV200 Pictures

The e-NV200 has a rear bench with plenty of space for 3 car seats. With space for 5 adults, as well as a bunch of cargo, and long items like skis, the e-NV200 electric minivan is in a class of its own! Even a trials bike fits in the back of an e-NV200. The bike […]


Tesla Model 3 Trunk/Frunk Mat Options

Tesla’s $130 Trunk Mat ToughPro’s $80 Trunk Mat Ebay Option Motor Trend universal fit floor mats – trim to fit Budget Frunk Mat Option Tesla’s $130 Trunk Mat Both the Tesla mat and the ToughPro mat are great, but the Tesla one comes up on the side for more coverage and protection. -davidalai src ToughPro’s […]

Interior Specs and Info

2nd Generation Nissan Leaf Cargo Capacity

The second generation Nissan Leaf has more interior storage space/cargo capacity than the 1st generation LEAF, and even more than most other EVs. Official cargo capacity is rated at 668 liters, with a maximum capacity of 849 liters. Banana Box Results for other electric vehicles without/with folded seats Nissan e-NV200: 50/50 Model X 5 seater: […]


Tesla Model 3 Floor mats

TuxMat 3D MaxPider KAGU ToughPro Rubber Floor Mats HexOmat All-weather Trunk Frunk Interior TapTes Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats Reviews and Comparisons The stock floor mats in the Tesla Model 3 are nice in that they blend in with the interior. However, if you ever get into your EV with more than a bit of […]


BMW i3 Floormat ugprade options

The always-popular WeatherTech floormats are popular amongst BMW i3 owners, and can be purchased on Amazon for approximately $150 Another option, the Broadfeet Custom Floor Liners are hand cut and made in the USA. One forum member says the “look way better” and are “waterproof, easy to clean” custom fit mats. [source] They went with […]


Hyundai IONIQ Cargo Space and Trunk Configurations

Both Wings Full Right Wing Full Left Wing Full Neither Wing Used The trunk space in the IONIQ is optimized for cargo capacity, but depending on the version of the IONIQ you have, one, or both, of the ‘wings’ may be blocked off. The wings are the sections that extend to the left and/or right […]


Hyundai IONIQ Cargo Mat and Cargo Tray Options

Since the IONIQ comes in 3 different flavors (hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and EV), and some of them use the trunk space in different ways, the cargo area is different shapes. Also, an optional subwoofer further complicates things by using up space in one rear wheel well area in the trunk. See Hyundai IONIQ cargo space […]