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Gen 1 Kia Soul EV vs Gen 2 Kia e-Soul

Dimensions Battery Battery Charging Suspension Wheels and Tires Weight Gallery of Official Kia e-Soul Specification Slides The 2020 Kia Soul electric vehicle is the second generation of electric vehicle from Kia. In order to differentiate the first and second generations, Kia is renaming the Soul EV to be the e-Soul for the 2020 model year. […]


Tesla Model S vs Tesla Model 3

Tesla’s Comparison Other differences between the Model 3 and Model S Cost difference between the Model 3 and the Model S Battery and Range Comparison Electric Motor Differences between the Model 3 and Model S Interior Space Comparisons As the Tesla Model 3 entered production and became available to the mass-market, comparisons between the ‘entry […]

Comparisons Specs and Info

Chevy Bolt LT vs Premier

Premier vs LT Premier Trim Feature List LT Trim Feature List Now that the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt has finally hit the market, people who have been waiting a long time get to finally view model options and pricing. This page is to try and help you determine the differences and benefits of the 2 models: […]