Cadillac ELR Specifications

Specs and Info

On November 15th, 2013, Cadillac released full specifications for the 2014 Cadillac ELR.

Notable performance specs include a 0-60mph time of 7.8 seconds in range extending mode, and 8.8 seconds in EV mode. Top speed for the ELR is 106 mph, and pure electric range is 37 miles, with a total range of more than 345 miles using a fully charged battery and a full tank of gasoline (pending EPA certification).

The Cadillac ELR weighs 4050 lbs (compared to 3,785lbs for the Volt). The ELR is 186 inches long (9 inches longer than the Volt) and 72.7 inches wide (2.3 inches wider than the Volt).

  • MPG (ICE): 33 MPG (est) – Volt 37 MPG
  • MPGe: 82 (est)- Volt: 98

Full specification sheets for the Cadillac ELR are viewable below:

Previous information:

Update: On january 15th, GM released preliminary Cadillac ELR Specifications


295 lb-ft of Torque
35 electric miles and 300+ total miles of range
100+ mph top all electric speed
5 hour charge time at 240 volts

ELR Exterior Measurements

Wheelbase of 106.1 inches
Track width of 62.1 inches in front, and 62.4 inches rear axle
Overall length of 186 inches
Overall width of 72.7 inches
Overall height of 55.9 inches
Standard 20 inch wheels

Cadillac ELR Interior Dimensions

Headroom in front is 36.9 inches, 34.7 inches in rear seat
Shoulder room is 55.2 inches in front seat, and 49.9 inches in the back seat
Front legroom is 42.4 inches, and 36.6 inches in the rear
Trunk Capacity is 10.5 cubic feet

ELR Battery System

The lithium-ion battery pack in the Cadillac ELR is comprised of 288 prismatic cells in multiple linking modules. It is cased in a 5.5 foot long T shape structure built out of glass filled polyester with an aluminum thermal radiation shield and steel tray. The battery pack weighs 435 lbs and has a liquid active thermal control to ensure it stays within optimal operating temperatures.

The ELR battery pack is covered by an 8 year, 100,000 mile warranty.

With a 16.5 kWh capacity, the Cadillac ELR will have an EV range of around 35 miles.

ELR Drag and Design

The ELR’s drag coefficient is .305, which underscores the angular lines of the coupe. Typical Cadillac design is obvious, and the ELR is reminiscent of the CTS coupe. Being a front wheel drive 2+2 coupe, the Cadillac ELR is a compact car but with the plug-in hybrid technology and battery pack weighs in at a hefty 4,070 pounds.

The ELR has a 1.4 liter gasoline engine paired to an automatic transmission, and is capable of 35 miles of all electric range.

Cadillac ELR Dimensions

The sporty coupe sits 55.9 inches tall by 72.7 inches wide. The wheelbase is 106.1 inches and the overall length of the Cadillac ELR is 186 inches.

Front headroom is measured at 36.9 inches and rear is 34.7 inches.

Front shoulder room is 55.2 inches and 49.9 inches in the rear, where as hip room is 52.9 inches front and 48.6 inches back.

Leg room in the front is 42.2 inches and 33.6 inches in the back.

Storage room is a total of 9 cubic feet of trunk space.

Inside the ELR

The Cadillac ELR cabin offers front sport bucket seats and fold down rear seats that extend storage capacity.

Outfitted with Cadillac CUE, the brand’s telematics and connectivity platform, the Cadillac ELR also features leather seating surfaces, chrome trim and ambient lighting.

A 10 speaker Bose audio system with noise cancellation will be available in the standard package.

An 8 inch configurable instrument panel and display provide up to 4 levels of technical information including driving range, charging option, energy usage, infotainment options and more.

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