Cadillac ELR Price

Specs and Info

In April, 2015, Cadillac announced the 2016 ELR would receive a price reduction of $9000, bringing the price to $58,495 after U.S. federal tax credits.

ERL Price History

Due to low sales, in July 2014, Cadillac dealers started to lower prices. Some dealers were offering $12,000 off with incentives plus the $7500 tax credit. Other dealers offered the $12,000 incentives and announced they were flexible on the pricing. Yet another dealer offered at least $13,600 off MSRP plus the tax credit, USAA insurance credit, military discounts and so on.

Lease prices of $499 per month are now being offered by some dealerships.

In addition, Cadillac also throws in a Bosch level 2 home charging station (EVSE) and pays for up to $3000 in installation costs.

As of October 2013, Cadillac has priced the ELR at $75,995 US MSRP.

Since the Cadillac ELR production is scheduled for late 2013, almost a year off, Cadillac hasn’t yet released the price on the ELR. That has caused much speculation around the internet on what the price of the Cadillac ELR will be.

Back in August of 2011, Bloomberg reported that they had talked with someone at GM ‘familiar with the plans.’ That person said the Cadillac ELR would be at least as fast as the Volt, and would probably drive farther on battery electric power.

The person familiar with the ELR plans said GM plans to price the ELR less than the $57,400 Tesla Model S. Cadillac buyers expect premium technology, and expect to pay premium prices. It’s safe to say the Cadillac ELR will cost more than the $40,000 Chevy Volt.

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