BMW i3

Specs and Info

BMW i3 History

Mass production of the BMW i3 began in September 2013. Deliveries first happened in Europe, and followed in the US in May 2014.

Since 2014, the BMW i3 has only a few minor updates, including larger battery options and slightly modified front and rear fascias.

In August 2019, Automobile Magazine reported that the i3 of the future will be replaced by a model called the iX1. BMWBlog, disagreed, stating that the i3 (as in the range extended carbon fiber vehicle) will end, and instead, BMW will shift to offer a fully electric version of the X1.


Coding the i3
The BMW i3 is built with options and features – some of which can be changed with software. Default action of locks, entertainment settings, and warning chimes are some examples of the things that have settings in software that can be access, and changed. View coding details

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