• Nissan Leaf Battery Replacement

    As the Nissan Leaf ages and more old models are around, battery replacements are becoming a common request. Older LEAF owners can even get a newer 62 kWh pack swapped in to get over 200 miles of range in the original LEAF versions. There are a number of companies around…

  • Tesla Model 3 remove aero wheel covers

    Beneath the aero wheel caps are slick looking aluminum spoke wheels. If you can handle the 5-7% decrease in electric range and want to lose the aero wheel caps, here is how to do it

  • Tesla Model 3 Winter Tires

    Winter Tire Options For the Tesla Model 3, there are numerous snow tire options. The official Tesla store has a package of wheels and tires that include the Pirelli Winter Sottozero tires. The Tesla Store does have a note saying it is not approved for use with the Model 3…

  • How to Reboot Tesla Model 3

    If your Tesla Model 3 is dead, or seems to be having troubles with the screen going out, you might just need to restart it. The Tesla Model 3 has 3 reboot levels Screen Reboot (GPU reboot) If the screen is freezing, or if you are having other troubles with…

  • Tesla Model 3 Paint Issues

    ‘Thin’ Paint, or Low Quality Paint, visible Primer Some Tesla 3 Owners think the pain is too thin, causing premature wearing and quality issues in the appearance of their fairly new vehicles. On other Model 3 vehicles, the primer color is showing in ‘hidden’ areas like inbetween the doors and…

  • Rivian R1T Electric Truck Availability

    Pre-orders for the R1T opened in mid-2019. A refundable deposit of $1000 is required to reserve your spot. Pricing is expected to be around $69,000, with production starting in the second half of 2020. src

  • R1T Truck Specifications

    First unveiled at the 2018 Los Angeles Auto Show, the R1T electric pickup truck is designed to be off-road and on-road capable. With fast acceleration and high ground clearance, the R1T shares 91% of its components with the R1S electric SUV. Rivian R1T Specifications 105 kWh, 135 kWh, and 180…

  • Rivian

    Founded in 2009, Rivian wants to change the world by developing a more responsible way to explore the world, while still keeping it “adventurous forever.” Rivian plans to do this by releasing electric vehicles designed for on-road and off-road driving.

  • Atlis XT Electric Pickup Truck

    In September 2019, Atlis Motor Vehicle unveiled its XT electric pickup truck. Depending on the battery pack selected, range is up to 500 miles. Towing capacity is up to 35,000 pounds and the payload is listed at 5000 lbs. The Atlis XT electric truck is a full size truck that…

  • Tesla Model 3 Lowering Springs

    Air bags This Tesla Model 3 is lowered with airbags. This picture is with all of the air out src