Atlis XT Electric Pickup Truck

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In September 2019, Atlis Motor Vehicle unveiled its XT electric pickup truck. Depending on the battery pack selected, range is up to 500 miles.

Towing capacity is up to 35,000 pounds and the payload is listed at 5000 lbs.

The Atlis XT electric truck is a full size truck that can come with a 6.5 or 8 foot bed.

Atlis XT Electric Truck Specifications

  • 0-60 mph acceleration time is 5 seconds
  • 0-60mph fully loaded acceleration is 18 seconds
  • 4wd using 4 independent electric motors
  • Can be configured for 6 passengers
  • Electric range up to 500 miles
  • 12 inches of ground clearance, with a special off-road version available with long-travel suspension and 15 inches of clearance
  • Towing ability of 5000-20,000 pounds, and 10,000 – 35,000 pounds using a 5th-wheel hitch

Atlis XT Availability

Still waiting for full funding, Atlis is hoping to launch the XT electric pickup truck in 2020. No pricing information has been released.

Atlis XT Videos

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  1. Understanding the XT body style: Weather seals are not included and not that important in most localities. Atlis is keeping the design as simple as possible. The XT body is fabricated from flat sheets like the original Model T Ford. This eliminates expensive multi-ton press machines (tens of millions of dollars) that make panel stamping in an old fashioned assembly line system. Using flat sheets has several advantages, one is low cost and the second, possibly the most important, is ease and economical replacement from collision damage. Panels can be replaced quickly and with unskilled personnel from readily available materials. Also, the vehicle is easily user customization using basic tools. Remember this is a WORK vehicle, not something especially pleasing to the eye. Designing a $40,000 EV pickup of this caliber is a challenge; Atlis has met and exceeded the challenge, producing a product under budget and ahead of schedule. This is the company to invest in, watch for their next crowdfunding campaign..

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